Heroes of PHP™ #2

Following the first part of my “Heroes of PHP”™, I subsequently posted the second of my 24 “Heroes of PHP”™ on Twitter.

As with the first list, I’m reproducing that second set of Heroes here, together with some additional explanation about why these individuals mean so much to me.

  • Rob Allen (@akrabat)
    A well-known face in the UK PHP Community (and internationally), Rob is a great source of knowledge for all things Zend Framework or the Slim microframework.
  • Elizabeth Barron (@ElizabethN) – formerly Elizabeth Naramore
    No longer as active in PHP development as she used to be, but still worth listening to when she posts.
  • Keith Casey (@CaseySoftware)
    Most recently, co-author of “A Practical Approach to API Design“, who also posts on API-related topics.
  • Chris Cornutt (@enygma)
    Makes a lot of useful posts on Twitter, particularly on aspects of security.
  • Paul Dragoonis (@dr4goonis)
    Another very familiar face at UK and European conferences, and author of the ppi framework engine.
  • Thijs Feryn (@ThijsFeryn)
    A driving force in the PHP Benelux area and for the PHPBenelux conference, evangelist at ComBell, and a frequent blogger on all things technical.
  • Anna Filina (@afilina)
    Her many regular tweets on project management, PHP and general development topics are always interesting and useful; and she is also the organiser of ConFoo.
  • Ed Finkler (@funkatron)
    For his courage in bringing forward awareness of mental illness in the development business, and helping reduce the stigma; Open Sourcing Mental Illness should be a “must read” page for all developers.
  • Stephan Hochdörfer (@shochdoerfer)
    Head of Technology at bitExpert and a regular speaker at conferences, Stephan is highly-knowledgeable about a wide range of tools and technologies used alongside PHP in web development.
  • Pieter Hordijk (@PHPeeHaa)
    For all the help and support that he provides to PHP developers on StackOverflow.
  • Beth Tucker Long (@e3BethT)
    An active promoter of community and mentoring.
  • Pascal Martin (@pascal_martin)
    Provides some incredibly useful and detailed statistics on PHP version usage, summaries of the activity within the PHP Internals group; and is deeply involved with the PHP community in France.
  • Matthias Noback (@matthiasnoback)
    CTO at iBuildings in the Netherlands, Matthias is a frequent conference speaker on architecture and design principles as well as an active Symfony developer.
  • Gordon Oheim (@go_oh)
    Formerly a moderator of the PHP section on StackOverflow, he still posts frequently on PHP and development topics in general.
  • Julien Pauli (@julienPauli)
    One of the core PHP development team, who has posted some very useful materials on the internals of the language, and the execution engine.
  • Vincent Pontier (@Elroubio)
    Inventor of the Elephpant, and responsible for my herd-building addiction.
  • Erika Heidi Reinaldo (@erikaheidi)
    Very active around the PHP community in Europe.
  • Michelle Sanver (@michellesanver)
    President of PHP Women, very active around the European PHP community, and always ready with a hug when it’s needed.
  • Brandon Savage (@brandonsavage)
    Author of books and regular blogger on good OOP principles, and good development process; his wife Debbie has recently given birth prematurely to twins who shared an amniotic sac before birth, making them particularly high risk and is running a justgiving page to help fund the meical expenses.
  • Bruno Škvorc (@bitfalls)
    For the incredible work he’s done of the SitePoint PHP forums, making it an incredibly useful resource and help centre for PHP developers.
  • James Titcumb (@asgrim)
    Anybody who will drive half the length of the UK to give a talk to a PHP user group, then drive straight back again without a break is a hero (and an idiot).
  • Mathias Verraes (@mathiasverraes)
    An incredibly prolific conference speaker, with a lot of incredibly useful advice on a wide range of subjects, but particularly on Domain-Driven Design and on Modelling.
  • Harrie Verveer (@harrieverveer)
    Another Dutch PHP developer, with insight into a wide range of related topics.
  • David Zentgraf (@deceze)
    Another StackOverflow regular, whose answers are always useful and detailed explanations of how PHP work.

This is still only a few of my personal heroes, inspirations and role models, I’m sure that you have your own “Heroes of PHP”™; but they all deserve thanks for the time and effort that they devote to improving our lives as PHP developers.

There are many names missing from this 24 “Heroes of PHP”™ list, all deserving of credit: everybody who blogs on the topic, or contributes to open source libraries or frameworks in any way, or helps other developers without asking anything in return is a “Hero of PHP”™. My apologies to all others who contribute to the PHP Community in any way that I haven’t been able to include in this short list.

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5 Responses to Heroes of PHP™ #2

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  3. Mark Baker says:

    I’ve picked my heroes based on how much they have influenced me in my involvement with PHP and web development in general, not by their politics, beliefs, creed, colour, gender, etc; there’s plenty of people on that list (and the previous) who I’d disagree with on a range of issues, but who have still helped or inspired me in my PHP development and work. It is also a list of people who have inspired or influenced me personally. Anna is there not purely for her work with Confoo, or because she is a woman, but because of her twitter postings and links on project management.

    Note that the list was originally published on Twitter at the New Year, and I only met Kayla (and heard her speak) for the first time 2 months after it was published; if I was to publish a 3rd list, then she would appear on it.


    • Mark Baker says:

      So you’re saying that I should change my mind the instance anybody questions my views, that I should always bend to the will of whoever shouts the loudest or complains the most….. no, I stand by my decisions.


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