About Mark Baker

I’ve been working in the computer software industry since before symbolics.com was registered as a domain name, before the term “cyberspace” was first used in fiction, when Linus Torvalds and Rasmus Lerdorf were still at high school, and Mrs. Zuckerberg had yet to give birth to a bouncing baby social network enabler; and have been developing for the Web in a variety of languages since the days when the Tim Berners-Lee’s creation comprised less than 1,000 sites.

Over those years, I’ve contributed to a number of open source projects: some still extant, others lost to history, including a minor submission to PHP’s SPL. Currently I am coordinator and lead developer for the PHPExcel library, and a coordinator and developer on the PHPOffice library suite – PHPWord, PHPPresentation (formerly PHPPowerPoint), PHPProject and PHPVisio. Most recently, I’ve been working on new datastructures such as Tries, Quadtrees and Matrices; hoping that I’ll eventually be able to get them included in SPL.

My particular interests include PHP integration with office suites, Textual analysis, Geodata and geographic information systems, Generators, and “big data” and data analysis.

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