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The PHP Diversity Rainbow ElePHPant

It was a picture posted by Peter Kokot (a Slovenian developer) on the PHP group on Facebook that got me thinking. Together with his comment: Hello, PHPers. A friendly reminder to spread awareness and support of equality because discrimination separates us. Today is … Continue reading

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Anonymous Class Factory – The Results are in

A week or so ago, I published an article entitled “In Search of an Anonymous Class Factory” about my efforts at writing a “factory” for PHP7’s new Anonymous Classes (extending a named concrete base class, and assigning Traits to it dynamically); and about … Continue reading

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In Search of an Anonymous Class Factory

One of the more interesting new features introduced to PHP with the arrival of version 7 is Anonymous Classes. Anonymous Functions (or Closures) have been a part of the language since version 5.3.0, and are something that I find incredibly useful; … Continue reading

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