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Closure Binding as an alternative to “use” variables

As a general rule when creating a Closure, arguments are passed when the function is called, but “use” variables (I’m sure that they have a formal name, but have no idea what it might be, so I just refer to … Continue reading

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Closures, Anonymous Classes and an alternative approach to Test Mocking (Part 1)

Since their first introduction with PHP 5.3, Closures have proven an incredibly useful feature for writing simple callback code, making it cleaner and more intuitive. Anonymous Functions can be used inline for many of the array functions $price = 100.00; … Continue reading

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Anonymous Class Factory – The Results are in

A week or so ago, I published an article entitled “In Search of an Anonymous Class Factory” about my efforts at writing a “factory” for PHP7’s new Anonymous Classes (extending a named concrete base class, and assigning Traits to it dynamically); and about … Continue reading

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In Search of an Anonymous Class Factory

One of the more interesting new features introduced to PHP with the arrival of version 7 is Anonymous Classes. Anonymous Functions (or Closures) have been a part of the language since version 5.3.0, and are something that I find incredibly useful; … Continue reading

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